Hams come online to help with Asia disasters

A powerful storm Typhoon Bolaven has battered South Korea, and Ham / Amateur radio operators have joined the response and recovery efforts to minimise the toll and damage.

The state disaster management agency reported deaths as the storm, the strongest to hit the country for almost a decade, left nearly 200,000 homes without power and property damage.

“Our 2-metre repeater D90IK on a 535m high mountain with coverage of at least 100km was used for emergency communication on the day the storm hit”, said Yong-Surke Lee HL1FB of Korean Amateur Radio League

"The control station 6K2BUF was in charge as the effort was maintained. Operators were able to contact stations to get the disaster information relayed and report them to the authority."

"Some areas had power outage so battery operated 2m radios were used. DS2HBX went up to  the repeater site and had a gasoline engine generator ready in case for power outage."

There were media reports of widespread damage this week in the less prepared North Korea.

In central Philippines, amateur radio operators are responding to a tsunami warning

Communications have been set up on HF as the emergency activity of amateur radio becomes established in the earthquake and landslide hit areas.

Chief Operating Officer for IARU society PARA, Eddie Valdez DU1EV said that Ham Emergency Radio Operations (HEROs) has activated the emergency frequencies of 144.740 MHz and 7.095 MHz.

Please keep 7.095 (40m) HF clear for emergency traffic.