Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society - Hamfest 2018

ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast's Martin Butler (M1MRB/W9ICQ) spoke to Stuart and Bronick from the Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society about keeping all aspects of communications alive from Miltary to Vintage to obsolete commercial communications.

RSGB Exam Standards Chair Hamfest 2018

Tony Kent (G8PBH), Chair of the Examinations Standards Committee speaks to ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast Martin Butler about changes to the Exam Syllabus coming into effect in September 2019.

Kenwood TS890S Update Hamfest 2018

ICQ Amateur/Ham Radio Podcast's Chris Howard M0TCH) speaks to Mark Haynes from Kenwood, providing an update to Kenwood TS890S, including news that the first shipment has already sold out in the UK.