Amateur Radio CubeSats to Launch from Wallops Island

Amateur Radio CubeSats to Launch from Wallops Island

An Antares II launch vehicle will carry 15 CubeSats into orbit on 21st October 2019 as part of NASA Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) Mission 25. Some will carry Amateur Radio payloads.

  • TJ REVERB, developed by students at Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Virginia, will carry a 145.825 MHz APRS digipeater.

  • HuskySat, a University of Washington – Seattle project, will be boosted into a 500-kilometer (approximately 310-mile) orbit via the Cygnus external deployment device. HuskySat will carry a V/U linear transponder provided in cooperation with AMSAT.

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AMSAT-LU PicoBalloons Travels around the Globe

A WSPR Picoballoon on 14.0956 USB released August 31 is about to complete its first circumnavigation of the globe after travelling 33,000 km in 12 days

AMSAT-LU appreciate any WSPR stations that help to receive it, AMSAT-LU will recognize with a certificate to stations that capture its 25 mW beacon.

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Ideas Sought for the Next FUNcube Satellite

In November 2019, the FUNcube-1 CubeSat will have been in orbit for 6 years and the FUNcube team are now soliciting suggestions for the next satellite

The team are looking for suggestions for:

  • Confirmation of the satellite (2U / 3U)

  • Orbit (LEO / MEO)

  • STEM Outreach

  • Amateur Radio Payloads

  • Research Payloads

Please email your ideas to

The topic will be discussed during the AMSAT-UK Colloquium on Sunday 13th October 2019