US radio ham flies to UK to present First Class Operator Club Honor

Radio amateur Bill Maxson N4AR, 82, flew from the USA to meet retired Sheppey TV engineer Ted Trowell G2HKU, 96

For more than 70 years, retired television engineer Ted Trowell and American heart specialist Bill 'Doc' Maxson have been conversing over the airwaves as amateur radio 'hams'.

Now the pair have met up at Ted's care home in Minster on the Isle of Sheppey.

Bill, from Lexington, Kentucky, flew across the world to see his old pal and present him with the official confirmation of his election as an Honoured Member to the world-wide First Class Radio Operators Club (FOC).

Ted, 96, of Bromfield House in Minster Road, and 82-year-old Bill have been chatting since the late 1950s, first by Morse code and then by voice.

But in all that time they have met only twice. The last was in the 1980s.

Ted has been a FOC member since 1952. He had been interested in radio since he was a boy and held an amateur radio licence before the Second World War.

He moved into his care home some years ago but the management allowed him to install a radio transmitter and receiver in his room.

An aerial wire snakes out of his bedroom window and around the building, allowing him to remain in contact with other radio “hams” all over the world.

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Ofcom 2018/19 Annual Report

The Office of Communications Annual Report & Accounts for the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 A_Performance Report 6 Our legal duties guide

Ofcom 2018/19 Annual Report Reports Highlights

  • Sharon White leaves Ofcom to join John Lewis Partnership

  • page 154 tells us “…Ocom prosecuted 2 pirate radio stations this year but 10 the previous year”

  • page 155 - ”…our licence numbers are now just lumped in with the boats and ships Amateur & Maritime issued in the year 27,426 26,515 total 258,821 249,723

  • page 193 - “…Ofcom's income was £196 million, deficit was £229 million”

The accounting deficit for the financial year after tax, recorded in the Statement of Comprehensive Net Expenditure for the year under review, was £229.6m (2017/18: £2.9m surplus). The significant variance to the previous year reflects the inclusion of the provision of £232m in these financial statements as described on page 58

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Three Petitions for Rule Making Filed by Radio Amateurs Dismissed

Three Petitions for Rule Making Filed by Radio Amateurs Dismissed

The FCC has dismissed petitions for rule making filed in 2018 by three radio amateurs. All of the petitions were put on public notice earlier this year and comments invited.

Edward C. Borghi, KB2E, of Farmington, New York, and Jeffrey Bail, NT1K, of West Springfield, Massachusetts, submitted very similar petitions seeking changes in how the FCC grants Amateur Radio vanity call sign applications. Borghi’s Petition (RM-11834), would have prohibited vanity applicants from requesting call signs not designated for the applicant’s geographical region, with exceptions under the rules governing call signs previously held by family members. Borghi complained that applicants had to compete with “out-of-area people for the few 1 × 2 or 2 × 1 or catchy 2 × 3 call signs available in their area of residence.”

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