Q: When was the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast Launched

A: Our first show was released on 6th July 2008

A: Late one Sunday afternoon when Colin was talking to me (Martin B) about podcasting and convincing me we should do it; we needed a domain name. While there are better names I could probably think of now, we needed to get a name and a domain registered.

ICQPODCAST was picked for the reason of the old Morse shot code of ICQ = I seek you.

At the time I was not aware of the messaging system called ICQ which seems to now to be less popular.

Q. Why is the podcast named ICQPODCAST?

Q: How often is the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast Audio Show released

A: The ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast is released fortnightly on a Sunday by 0900 UTC.

From time to time, we do release additional shows, usually on the middle Sunday if we have interesting content to release outside our publishing schedule.

Q: Who are involved with the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast

A: The original show concept was developed by Father and Son team Martin Butler (M1MRB/W9ICQ) and Colin Butler (M6BOY).

Along the way, other amateur radio operators have donated their time by either producing features and/or joining our team of round-table contributors. Some of our current contributors can be seen form the About Us section above.

Q: How is the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast Funded

A: The ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast Audio Show is advert free, and is funded by donations from listeners who show the value in the show by donating.

We also took the decision to not sell advertising in the enewsletters we produce.

The ICQPodcast.com website, and in due course videos we publish to YouTube are supported by Google Adsense advertising. All funds generated go to improving the show.

A: The podcast and newsletter do not take any advertising because we decided our reputation was worth more than a few pounds. If you take advertising money you have to say all their products are good even if they are not.

This was unpalatable to us and we find listeners like our honest reviews. While most of the reviews are positive, this is because of our review policy of reviewing an item on merit. Yes, we have done some product reviews which have highlighted poor products.

Q: Can I advertise on ICQPodcast.com

A: Having a large team is an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is we have diverse opinions from around the world and a team that works together well.

The disadvantage is we are bigger in numbers than must companies we interview at rallies.

Do we make money, well to quote Colin “you can share in our losses if you like”? Donations don’t cover the running and support cost and without all the presenters giving their time for free we could not continue with this podcast. I hate to think just how much the podcast would cost to produce with time, travel and equipment cost if we did not pay for ourselves.

Q: You have a large team; you must be making a lot of money?

A: We started as an audio podcast because of cost and the time it takes to produce a podcast. While video is great and we have made some Youtube videos we are an audio podcast. Our listeners find our audio format great for when they are driving on long trips, walking, in the Gym etc.

Q: Are you moving from an audio podcast to a video podcast?

A: We never intended to be just a news service. National Societies such as the RSGB, ARRL, WIA and many others do a great job at reading the news. We have always tried to pick interesting news stories from around the which you National Society may not run but has an interest to amateurs worldwide.

We like to discuss these topics in a round table format which gives you a varied set of view on each topic. Yes, we do deviate often and may pearl of wisdom have been shared by both the presenters and listeners feedback.

Q: Why a news roundtable instead of reading the news?