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SA Radio Frequency Regulations

Back in January 2016, the SARL requested ICASA (South Africa's regulator) to consider changes to the following regulation: In Part VII Item 31 (2) including 23 (35), antenna compliance regarding local authorities is covered.

The SARL (South African Radio League) is seeking a revision of this regulation and potentially in a similar format as the FCC PRB1 agreement in the USA regarding the reasonable accommodation of amateur radio antenna installations and zoning ordinances.

ICASA has now advised the SARL they will have to submit a formal proposal for a regulation change. It was agreed that the SARL will table all regulation changes in one document.

Rugged Guying Collars for Lightweight Masts

If you use one of the many popular telescopic poles to support temporary antennas on DXpeditions or portable, you will likely have needed some way to guy it. SOTABEAMS has introduced two heavy duty guying collars designed for this application. Made of a rugged plastic material with eight holes for flexible guying options, they are sure to be popular.

Although they are suitable for use in heavy duty applications, the use of modern high-performance plastics means that they are lightweight. Two sizes are available, sitting at different heights on telescopic poles. The smaller collar has a vertical section suitable for attaching a small beam antenna (such as a TV antenna).

SOTABeam Guying Collar (22mm Inner Diameter)

SOTABeam Guying Collar (22mm Inner Diameter)

SOTABeam Guying Collar (34mm Inner Diameter)

SOTABeam Guying Collar (34mm Inner Diameter)

Kanshi Radio Limited Fined

Ofcom has imposed a £17,500 fine on Kanshi Radio Limited for failing to provide adequate protection for viewers after it aired potentially offensive and harmful content on its Kanshi Radio station.

Ofcom fined Kanshi Radio Limited £17.500

Ofcom fined Kanshi Radio Limited £17.500

Under Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code, all licensees must apply generally-accepted standards to the content on their TV and radio services, so that audiences are adequately protected from offensive and harmful material.

After an investigation, Ofcom found that a song broadcast on the radio station included hate speech, which could have resulted in a serious risk of harm and caused unjustified offence to audiences.

Ofcom concluded this was a serious breach of the Broadcasting Code, which warranted a statutory sanction.

T40HQ Certificates Available

Some 48 stations from Europe, North America, South America and Africa, worked Cuban Headquarter T40HQ station on all four bands (80, 40, 20 and 15 metre) during the IARU HF World Championship.

Qualifying stations can obtain a Special Certificate which is already available to download by clicking on their callsign.

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