93-year-old WWII Veteran Still Taps out Morse Code

Radio amateur Merle Taylor VE1VCI, 93, still practices Morse code in her basement outside Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Taylor learned Morse code at 20 when she signed up to help Canada and the war effort. Her war-time job was to teach it to the pilots through the British Commonwealth Air Training plan.

There were 59 airbases built across Canada to accommodate the boys from England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. It was that group of boys that I taught Morse code to,

Taylor said while sitting in her basement outside Antigonish — where she still taps out Morse code."It's a signal that will get through because of the sharpness where a voice couldn't.

And the other thing is you could send a secret message.

"Taylor has a network of people, mostly in Europe and eastern North America where the signal is carried the strongest, with whom she "chats" with using the old technology three times a week."

People say it's obsolete, it's really not," said Taylor."I have a lot of fun with this."

Media Story - https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/merle-taylor-morse-code-remembrance-day-1.3846368

'Musical' Waves Detected in Earth's Magnetic Field

In Norway, a space weather observatory detected sine waves of exceptional purity rippling through Earth's polar magnetic field.

The waves, which persisted for hours with nearly perfect pitch, have been linked to "tearing instabilities" and explosions in Earth's magnetic tail--not to mention bright auroras in Arctic skies.

More Information - https://spaceweatherarchive.com/2018/11/24/quiet-sun-makes-musical-waves-in-earths-magnetic-field/

Austrian Ham Radio Regulatory Changes

The ÖVSV reports Manfred Mauler OE7AAI has summarized the amendments to the new Austrian Telecommunications Act in relation to Amateur Radio

The future changes listed are:

  • Use of club radio stations liberalized at international events

  • Licenses are limited to 10 years (also for foreign CEPT holders)

  • Callsign approved for 10 years (and reserved for 5 years)

  • Existing licenses phased out from 31st December 2022

  • License to cost 200 Euros

  • Emergency and disaster radio communications at the request of authorities

  • Deadline for registration of emergency and disaster radio exercises changed

  • Penalty of 1,000 Euros for late registration of exercises

  • Cancellation of import authorization v. Radio systems for personal use

  • Opt-In required for personal data to appear in published callsign list

Download the summary by Manfred Mauler OE7AAI - https://www.oevsv.at/export/shared/.content/.galleries/pdf-Downloads/20181114-Prasentation-Novelle-TKG-mit-Amateurfunkdienst.pdf

ÖVSV (Google English) - https://tinyurl.com/AustriaOeVSV