A German Welcome to the World for HAMRadio 2017


Europe's leading Amateur/Ham Radio exhibition, HamRadio located at the Fairgrounds in Friedrichshafen, Germany will take place over the weekend of 14-16 July 2017.

This year's motto is "Germany welcomes the world" providing a platform for amateur/ham radio enthusiasts to meet and share their radio experiences. This year is HamRadio's forty-second event.

This year's event will be attended by over 200 exhibitors from 30 countries, including 70 National Associations. The German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) will be celebrating their 45th anniversary, and plan to have activities and presentations to mark the event.

Details of this year's event can be found at http://www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.de


Attendance Up at Hamvention

This year’s Hamvention Rally saw visitor numbers increase to 29.296, making the 2017 show the most success ever.

Overcoming the challenges of relocation to the Greene County Expo Centre and Fairgrounds, the feedback from attendees has been overall positive. Helping to make the transition a success were 657 volunteers from around the world.

Whilst there were some teething problems with the new venue, with traffic, weather and parking issues, we were able to resolve most issues before the end of the event
— Ron Cramer, Hamvention General Chair

There appears to be good will between Greene County, Xenia Township, City of Xenia officials and the Greene County Fairgrounds and Exposition Centre Advisory Board to build upon the successful show to make following events better including possible new attractions.

CB Pest Punished with Unprecedented Sentence

A court in Adelaide has sentenced local man John Alexander Kiss to nine months imprisonment after being found guilty of unlawfully operating and possessing radio communications devices.

Following an investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority into allegations of abuse and harassment, Kiss was found to be operation unlawfully within the Citizen Band.

Kiss pleaded guilty to the offence, dating back to 2015. His guilty plea included one count of unlicensed operation and two counts of unlawful possession of radiocommunications devices under sections 46 and 47 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

Whilst passing a custodial sentence, Kiss’s imprisonment has been suspended in favour of a two-year good-behaviour bond; all equipment used in the commission of the offence has been forfeited to the Court.

ACMA Story - http://www.acma.gov.au/Industry/Suppliers/Regulatory-arrangements/Radiocommunications-devices/serial-cb-radio-pest-receives-unprecedented-sentence

Radio Hams Train for Emergencies

RF Wireless Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Field Day which takes place 24-25 June 2017
Lynn Neece WR7G, a member of RF Wireless Amateur Radio Club of Burley, said that while field day is an opportunity for the public to learn about the hobby and how to get started, for members it is also a training exercise for responding to a natural disaster or other emergencies.
Members will experience what it is like to operate away from their normal home stations by being part of a simulated emergency that requires setting up under adverse conditions, including the use of emergency power and portable antennas. The exercise will provide a chance to test systems and practice emergency protocols that are necessary when regular communications are disrupted.


Neece said he enjoys the technical side of the hobby and derives satisfaction from knowing that he would be able to help out neighbours in the event of an emergency and reach his family in Pennsylvania.
Media Story - http://www.keypennews.com/index.php/component/k2/item/807-ham-radio-operators-train-for-emergencies-to-support-the-public
ARRL Field Day - http://www.arrl.org/field-day

Consultation Mobile Ship Communications


Ofcom is consulting on plans to make new regulations that would enable ship passengers to use mobile devices on-board ships, without the need for a wireless telegraphy licence, if certain standards and requirements are met
The plans would mean that passengers could use their devices without causing interference to land-based mobile networks.
The system enabling such use effectively replicates, on a ship, the operation of a land base station. It is intended to implement a recent decision by the European Commission. 
These regulations will replace similar exemption regulations we made in 2011 - 
To give proper effect to the European Commission decision, it is also necessary to vary the ship radio wireless telegraphy licences in order to ensure operators comply with certain new technical and operational requirements.
Deadline for responses to today’s consultation is 3rd July 2017 - https://www.ofcom.org.uk/consultations-and-statements/category-3/mobile-on-ships-regulations-2017