German Broadcasters Promote Digital Radio

German public broadcasters have started a new promotional campaign for DAB + on TV, radio, online, magazines and newspapers.  

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The campaign began on 2nd May 2017.

There is increasing interest in DAB+ in Germany. As of September 2016, 8.24 million DAB+ capable radios had been sold. Of new cars sold in Germany, 21% are manufactured with digital radio as standard equipment.

With increasing interest from the listening public, there has been more investment in DAB+ transmission, according to

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United Arab Emirates on 60m

The UAE National Frequency Plan published by the national regulator, TRA - The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, shows the WRC-15 Secondary allocation of 5351.5 to 5366.5 kHz together with ITU footnote 5.133B which indicates that the maximum power permitted is 15W EIRP.

UAE National Frequency Plan (Reference p. 8) -

ACMA Reviews Licence Equivalency Table

Visiting Amateurs and overseas Amateurs who are residents in Australia are granted an Australian licence based on their overseas qualification in accordance with the 'Table of Equivalent Qualifications and Licences', which is published on the ACMA website.

Previously, a holder of a US General Class operator licence was generally granted an Australian Advanced Licence.

The ACMA has advised the WIA that the equivalency of a US General Class operator licence to an Australian Advanced amateur licence is now under review.

Applications for Advanced amateur licences, or for transfers of such licences, received by the ACMA after 26 April 2017, and applications for amateur certificates of proficiency or callsign recommendations received by the WIA after 26 April 2017, made on the basis of the equivalence of a US General Class operator licence to an Australian Advanced amateur licence, may be affected by the outcomes of this review.

Any person considering making such an application is invited to make submissions to the ACMA on whether a US General Class operator licence ought to continue to be treated as equivalent to an Australian Advanced amateur licence.

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Irish Amateur Station Licence Examination

The next Amateur Station Licence Examination will be held on Thursday 29th June in the ComReg Offices in Dublin.

Examination places are limited and pre-booking is advised. Full details, including entry procedure, examination fee and how to pay the fee on line are available at

Four Exam Reports which were previously published in Echo Ireland are available on the Downloads section of the website at under "Studying for the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate".

These reports contain very useful information for anyone studying for the Licence Examination. Intending candidates are advised to pay particular attention to the syllabus for the examination especially Annexes 1 and 2.

New South African HF Beacons

The South African Radio League have announced three new HF beacons in the country

Bradley Glen, ZS5BG, started to beacon regularly on 250 mW using an Off-Centre Fed Dipole and he is getting many spots on 40 metres as well as 20 and 10 metres. 

The Jeugland Radio Club, ZR6JRC, beacon also became live pushing 250 mW into a 40 metres inverted Vee and it has already reached as far as Cape Town and Durban. 

A third beacon, built with donated kit by Nic van Duffelen, ZR6AEZ, and it is currently active using the callsign ZS6ZU on 5 MHz using a centre fed folded dipole.

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