State of Youth Radio in the United States

ICQ Amateur/Ham Radio Podcasts Chris Howard (M0TCH) interviews Sterling Coffey N0SSC, discussing the state of Ham Radio in America, and how new members and growth could be achieved in Amateur Radio.


Radio Scouting at Ham Radio 2018

The theme of the Ham Radio 2018 show at Friedrichshafen was Radio Scouting. The ICQ Amateur/Ham Radio Podcast's Chris Howard (M0TCH) spoke to Remko (PE1MEW) about the relationship between Amateur Radio and the scouts, and the activities taking place to attract youngsters to the Ham Radio hobby

ARRL Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative

ICQ Amateur/Ham Radio Podcast's Colin Butler (M6BOY) speaks to Bob Inderbitzen (NQ1R) of the ARRL about the ARRL Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative that provides funding to promote Amateur Radio and Ham Radio Clubs in Schools and Colleges.