50 MHz Band Experimentation

An RSGB draft paper proposes 50 MHz Band Plan changes to support Digital Innovation 

The document has been posted to the RSGB "C5 - VHF/Microwave Matters" forum as part of the preparations for the conference in Landshut, 16-23 September 2017.

The paper says the objective should be to enable areas where for example up to 50 kHz bandwidth channels can be made available and could be promoted for digital innovation.

Register on the Forum and download the document - http://www.thersgb.org/forums/index.php?threads/draft-paper-50-mhz-band-experimentation.277/

IARU Region 1 General Conference Landshut 2017 - https://www.iaru-r1.org/index.php/general-conference/landshut-2017

5 GHz - RSGB Respond to Ofcom

The RSGB has published its response to the Ofcom statement on increasing the amount of the 5 GHz band that can be used for WiFi. 

The Amateur Satellite Service has a Space-to-Earth allocation at 5830-5850 MHz.

Annex 6 of the Ofcom 5 GHz statement says regarding Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) operation in 5725-5850 MHz: 

"...once it becomes clear that this band will become used for Wi-Fi worldwide it will become less attractive for new satellites."

"In Table 2 below we show the impact that different regulatory regimes for Wi-Fi might have on the exceedance of the protection criteria of the most sensitive satellites in 5.8 GHz assuming a comprehensive Wi-Fi roll-out across Europe and Africa."

"As discussed previously, the risk of interference is an aggregate of all Wi-Fi use and so will rise slowly over a number of years rather than appearing suddenly."

"The UK cannot cause interference to 5.8 GHz satellites on its own but it is fairly likely that Europe and Africa will follow our lead. This is likely to be driven by the potential for 5.8 GHz to become a worldwide Wi-Fi band."

Response of RSGB to the Ofcom 5 GHz Statement - http://rsgb.org/main/files/2016/08/170411_RSGB_5GHz-WT-Regs-2017.pdf

Ofcom 5 GHz consultation and statement page - https://www.ofcom.org.uk/consultations-and-statements/category-1/5-GHz-Wi-Fi

Direct link to Ofcom statement PDF  - https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0032/98159/5p8-Regs.pdf

Israeli Students Build CubeSat

Over 80 Israeli high school students have built a CubeSat called Duchifat-2 as part of the QB50 Thermosphere research program 

Duchifat-2 is one of 28 QB50 Cubesats from 23 countries launched on 18th April 2017 to the International Space Station (ISS) from where they shall be placed into orbit in six weeks time.

Duchifat-2 is not only an educational venture that brings space closer to youth and lays the way for tomorrow’s generation, it is also an international research project. This is Israeli pride for the future generation, and an opportunity to increase public awareness about space.
— Ofir Akunis, Israeli Minister for Science, Technology, and Space

Duchifat-2 and its companion Cubesats will measure the plasma density of the Thermosphere between 85 km and 300 km altitude above the Earth’s surface. Israeli students will study the data from the Cubesats at the Herzliya Science Centre, where signals from the orbiting satellites will be received.

Full story - https://spacewatchme.com/2017/04/israeli-high-school-students-build-duchifat-2-cubesat/

All the CubeSats in the QB50 project will mainly operate on frequencies in the 2 m and 70 cm amateur bands. To avoid interference with terrestrial amateur radio activity the frequency was coordinated by the IARU Satellite Adviser and advisory panel.

QB50 project - https://www.qb50.eu/

JE9PEL QB50 CubeSat Frequency Spreadsheet - https://amsat-uk.org/2015/11/08/je9pel-qb50-cubesat-spreadsheet/

UKQRM Launches New Campaign for UK Election

UKQRM have launched a campaign to encourage the main political parties to acknowledge the radio spectrum pollution problems and embrace a set of election pledges to dissolve Ofcom and create a new radio-regulator.

UKQRM need everyone's help in making sure the parties and their parliamentary candidates for the upcoming UK elections are made aware of the issues. You can help by spreading the word and emailing the candidates when their leaflets drop through your door.

UKQRM - http://www.ukqrm.org.uk/

Amateur Radio Duo Honoured

The recipients of the 2016 ARRL International Humanitarian Award — Richard Darling, AH7G, and Barbara Darling, NH7FY — have been honoured in Hawaii.

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim designated the month of April as “Richard and Barbara Darling Month” and personally presented a certificate to the couple at a recent gathering in Hilo.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige also sent each a Special Recognition certificate, congratulating the Darlings on their hard work and service.

The International Humanitarian Award recognises Amateur Radio’s unique role in international communication and the assistance amateurs regularly provide to people in need.

In January, the ARRL Board of Directors cited the Darlings’ work on behalf of past International Humanitarian Award winner John Bush, KH6DLK/V63JB, and their“significant material support” to his efforts of assistance to the Federated States of Micronesia