URC Calls for Basic French License

The French Union of Radio Clubs (URC) made a submission to the regulator DGE calling for a Basic amateur radio license to be introduced.

We have wanted for many years the creation of several classes of licenses,
before 2012 a class 3 license existed, it did not have an equivalent CEPT, we wish its reform, but absolutely not its disappearance. Today we do not ask not its recovery, but the creation of a true Basic license that allows for many young and old, to access the world of radio amateurs.

We also want the creation of an intermediate [CEPT Novice] license, these two licenses finding equivalence in CEPT countries. These licenses have already been put in place in some European countries. In the name of the equality of all European citizen radio amateurs, we request the creation of these licenses which will respect the CEPT REC0506 recommendations and ERCREP032 for the intermediate [CEPT Novice] license, and ECCREP089, for the basic license.
— French Union of Radio Clubs (URC)

The only amateur radio exam in France is the HAREC exam which has a total of 40 questions. These are split into two papers, a 15 minute 20 question Rules and Regulations paper and a 30 minute 20 question Technical paper. A pass mark of 10 or more in each paper is required. Currently, a wrong answer counts as -1, not 0, DGE plans to change this so candidates will no longer lose a point for a wrong answer.

URC propose that the results from the existing HAREC exam be used to determine which of the three classes of license the candidate is eligible for. A pass of 10 or more questions correct out of 20 for Rules and Regulations paper and:

  • 12 or more correct in Technical paper = HAREC CEPT Class 1 licence

  • 8-11 correct in Technical = CEPT Novice license

  • 4-7 correct in Technical = Basic license

URC - https://www.news.urc.asso.fr/
URC (Twitter) - https://twitter.com/F8URC_news

URC submission to DGE (PDF) - https://www.news.urc.asso.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Réponses-URC-ANFR-08-11-2018.pdf

Young Belgian Exam Success

The Belgium IARU member-society UBA reports 13-year-old Lana has passed her amateur radio exam

Lana is the youngest Belgian amateur radio operator, and has been assigned the callsign ON3LNA.

The UBA congratulates Lana and warmly welcomes her to our hobby world! Of course, congratulations also go to Hans, ON8PZ, her dad and CM from the DST section who undoubtedly supported her with advice and action.

More Information (Google English) - https://tinyurl.com/BelgiumUBA

Proposed French Amateur Radio Exam Changes and 60m Access

The Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE) intends to make changes to the amateur radio exams and permit the WRC-15 60m allocation

France currently has a single 40 question HAREC amateur radio exam, however, one point is deducted for each wrong answer on the paper.

The good news is this rule is to be scrapped and a wrong answer will simply count as nil points.

It seems DGE also plans to introduce exam questions covering DSP, Sampling, Nyquist, Convolution, Anti-aliasing, and ADC/DAC.

DR@F additionally report that French radio amateurs will gain access to the WRC-15 60m band 5351.5-5366.5 kHz Secondary with 15 watts EIRP.

See the DR@F Twitter feed at - https://twitter.com/DigitalHam

DR@F website in Google English - https://tinyurl.com/FranceDRAF