Summer 2019 EURAO Party to Premier FT4

The motto of the new European Radio Amateurs’ Organization (EURAO) Summer Party is “Premiering FT4.” This is not a contest but an on-the-air radio gathering with some suggested guidelines. The event is set for July 27 – 28 UTC.

A new “general availability” release of WSJT-X that includes the latest FT4 protocol for HF contesting was released on July 15 as part of the WSJT-X 2.1.0 suite. FT4 is designed to be suitable for contesting in a manner similar to RTTY. Recommended frequencies for FT4 are 3.595, 7.090, 10.140, 14.140, 18.104, 21.140, 24.919, 28.180, 50.318, and 144.170 MHz. Exchanges are limited to what FT4 can accommodate, such as call sign, grid square, and signal report.

For statistical purposes, EURAO is asking participants to submit logs in ADIF format, with your call sign as the file name. No results will be published, only statistical information.

EURAO Summer Party -

US Apollo 11 Special Event

Members of the USS Hornet Amateur Radio Club [HARC], NB6GC, will be on the air this month celebrating the 50th anniversary of the recovery of the Apollo 11 astronauts by the USS Hornet on 24th July 1969.

They will be providing a special QSL card to all stations that work them during the month of July. They will be specifically on the air during 20-21st July 2019, when the USS Hornet museum is celebrating, and they will also be on the air on 24th July 2019 the actual date of the recovery as well.

They will probably be on the air other dates during the month, but these dates are not yet known as they will open up for visitors who request a tour of the radio room and wish to operate.

NB6GC (Facebook) -

USS Hornet -

50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing Amateur Radio Special Event Station

A number of Amateur Radio special event stations will be (or already are) on the air during July to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on 20th July 1969.

The list includes:

N8A, until July 24, Midwest VHF/UHF Society, West Chester, Ohio; WB4ICJ, July 14 – 20, Kennedy Space Center; N1A, July 14 – 28, Milford (Ohio) Amateur Radio Club; N4A, July 16 – 25, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Amateur Radio Club; K2M, July 16 – 24, Great South By Amateur Radio Club (honoring those who built the LEM on Long Island); K2CAM, July 16 – 24, Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club;

N5A, July 18 – 21, Razorback Contest Club, Springdale, Arkansas; W3A, July 18 – 23, the National Electronics Museum Amateur Radio Club (K3NEM); W4A, July 19 – 21, Huntsville (Alabama) Amateur Radio Club; K8QYL, July 20, Reservoir Amateur Radio Association; K9MOT, July 20 – 21, Motorola Amateur Radio Club; N0M, July 20 – 22, South East Metro Amateur Radio Club; K1M, July 20 – 28, Stratford Amateur Radio Club; GB5EHL, until July 28, Leicester Radio Society “Eagle Has Landed” commemoration, and PA11APOLLO, until August 2, in the Netherlands.