Series Four Episode Fifteen - Mini Holiday DxEpedition

Series Four Episode Fifteen of the ICQ Podcast has been released. The latest news, your feedback, North American HamBrief with Chris Matthieu (N7ICE), American licence system by Jon Hawkes (VK2TCW and K2TCW) and Martin (M1MRB) discusses our mini holiday dxepedition.

  • RS-ID via linked repeaters results

  • Space trash misses hams

  • Amateur Radio Satellites 50th Anniversary

  • New Whipbeater antenna

  • Portugal allocates additional 5 MHz frequency

  • 500 kHz for Malta

  • UK spectrum management

  • Rare satellite grid squares activated

  • Satellite Beginners Workshop

  • Scottish Scout New Horizons Expedition

  • Olympic tests on 70cm

  • Amateur radio repeater falls silent

  • Amateur bags classic callsign