Series Four Episode Seventeen - UV-3R Dual Band Handheld Review

Series Four Episode Seventeen of the ICQ Podcast has been released. The latest news, your feedback, Steve Nicholls (G0KYA) Propagation Report, Chris Matthieu (N7ICE) provides a North American Hambrief and Chris Howard (2E0CTH) and Colin Butler (M6BOY) review the UV-3R Dual Band Handheld Amateur / Ham Radio.

  • ISS to be deorbited after 2020

  • QSL display on TV

  • Limerick 2M Repeater QRV again

  • UK Propagation charts for August 2011

  • Solar flare bound for Earth

  • Midland Amateur Radio Society 80 years old

  • Prosecution for illegal radio jamming

  • New digital EME record on 2 metres

  • Youth don't know about Amateur Radio