Series Five Episode Twenty-Five - DXpedition to Tristan da Cunha

Series Five Episode Twenty-Five of the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast has been released. The latest news, listener mailbag and Martin interviews Robert Chipperfield (M0VFC) about the Tristan da Cunha DXpedition

  • The BBC broadcast morse code for 90th anniversary

  • ReconRobotics to use 70cm band

  • New Chinese Data Mode CP-16

  • White Space Devices Consultation

  • New owner for Linear Amp UK

  • Call to urgent action on 5 MHz

  • Buddies in the Caribbean heading back to St. Lucia

  • Radio Hams first to discover disappearance of Sandy Island

  • N0D special event station celebrating the End of the World

  • ZL9HR - They're on their way!