Series Five Episode Seventeen - Olympic Torch & 2O12L Special Event Station

Series Five Episode Seventeen of the ICQ Podcast has been released. The latest news, listener mailbag and Chris Howard, 2E0CTH reports from the last day of the radio special events station for the Olympic torch relay and Pete M0PSX reports from 2O12L, the special event station for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

  • Tethersat-1 & 2 to test Electrodynamic Tether Propulsion

  • German needed for Madeira contest team

  • Ofcom licence exempt consultation

  • New Russian Satellite RS-40

  • New version of CWWAV

  • SA Electronic Communications Amendment Bill

  • GB2EIJ Essex International Jamboree

  • Writtle Calling celebrates 90th anniversary of 2MT

  • Lasting Moments of First Excitement

Many thanks to Pete, M0PSX and his collegues at Frequency Cast for providing a report on 2O12L. Find out more about Frequency Cast -