Series Five Episode Twenty-Seven - 2013 Radio Goals

Series Five Episode Twenty-Seven of the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast has been released. The latest news, listener mailbag and Martin sets radio goals for 2013.

  • Norman Woodland - Barcode inventor dies

  • Transatlantic high altitude balloon bursts

  • The Gathering - Irish amateur radio special event

  • ILLW attracts more entries

  • Limited time offer - VI4ASJ

  • Ofcom thanks Radio Amateurs for Olympic support

  • Potential interference sources identified

  • MoD to auction off radio spectrum

  • Dutch Military still insist on 915 MHz

  • VK hams gain 472-479KHz band but lose 420-430MHz

  • Pasta-shaped radio waves allows infinite channels

  • APRS iGate built using a Raspberry Pi