Series Four Episode Twenty-Four - National Radio Convention

Series Four Episode Twenty-Four of the ICQ Podcast has been released. The latest news, your feedback, North American Hambrief from Chris Matthieu (N7ICE) and Martin is joined by Chris Howard (2E0CTH) to discuss the National Radio Convention.

  • Radar sees through concrete walls

  • Prospero to be reactivated

  • RSGB Intruder Watch activity on 28MHz

  • International digi-modes 10m net

  • Rotuma High School Amateur Radio Station

  • Radio/TV Martí 'anachronistic'

  • Bletchley Park's Lost Heroes

  • Global Simulated Emergency Test – November 2011

  • VK100ARV roster begins

  • Radio in Mayo

  • Sydney radio hams help search for lost aircraft VH-MDX