Nominate Your RAC Amateur of the Year

To qualify for the title '“Amateur of the Year', an individual should have made an outstanding contribution to Amateur Radio in the past year, or have contributed consistently to the welfare of Amateur Radio over several years.

RAC Directors, Officers and Section Managers are not eligible for the award while in office, and not in respect to their term(s) of office.

Nominations with supporting documentation are to be addressed to the RAC Corporate Secretary at the address shown below and received at RAC Headquarters by the close of the last business day of September (September 27), for consideration for the current year.

Radio Amateurs of/du Canada
720 Belfast Road
Suite / Bureau 217
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Selection of the winning candidate will be by majority vote of the RAC Board of Directors based on the supporting documentation submitted with the nomination. The winning candidate will be notified by mail.

Due recognition will appear in The Canadian Amateur and a suitable plaque will be presented at an appropriate time and place.

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Award for Top Homebrew Designers in Amateur Radio Announced

Award for Top Homebrew Designers in Amateur Radio Announced

The ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast has announced a partnership in the founding of the Homebrew Heroes Award by three members of the podcast. This annual award is to recognize persons, groups or organizations who help define the frontiers in amateur radio technology through the long-standing tradition of “home brew” construction. It is housed at the separate website,

“We felt that with all of the technical homebrew activity in amateur radio today that there should be a means by which to identify and highlight those whose technical creativity has made a clear impact on the hobby,” said Frank Howell, FCC Call Sign K4FMH at ICQ Podcast (

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ARRL Amping up Code Proficiency Awards

The ARRL has reinvigorated the W1AW Code Proficiency Certificate program. Several things have changed beginning with our new sponsor, Vibroplex, a legend in Morse telegraphy equipment. If you see Scott Robbins W4PA and the Vibroplex team at a hamfest or convention please be sure to thank him for his support. The Vibroplex logo will appear on the newly designed certificates (see below) and in the award recipient page that will appear every month in QST.

The award is available to anyone who copies one solid minute of code during the qualifying runs. Complete program details can be found on the web at