Radio Spectrum Management Traces an Activated Unregistered Personal Locator Beacon

Radio Spectrum Management Traces an Activated Unregistered Personal Locator Beacon

Recently, the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) in New Zealand asked RSM for help locating an unregistered Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)*. The PLB was successfully located due to the capability of the RSM compliance team.

The beacon was thought to be obscured from the sky, as satellite passes were occurring without detection. The RCC gave the PLB fix a tolerance of +/- 6 nautical miles (10.8 kilometres). Aircraft were not hearing the homing signal on 121.5 MHz (that the PLB also transmits on) – despite being close to an airport.

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The Internet’s Impact on International Radio

Many broadcasters saved money by moving from high-power shortwave transmissions to the web. But at what cost?

During the height of the Cold War (1947–1991), the shortwave radio bands were alive with international state-run broadcasters; transmitting their respective views in multiple languages to listeners around the globe.

In the seeming peace that followed, many governments no longer saw the sense in spending millions on multi-megawatt transmitters and vast antenna farms to keep broadcasting their messages globally.

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AMSAT member wins Alabama Outstanding Youth Ham Award

The 2019 Alabama Outstanding Youth Ham Award goes to Marissa Robledo, W4AQT.

This particular Amateur Radio operator gazes at and studies the skies almost daily. She has a deep interest in satellite communication and loves sharing that interest with others. Her passion is evident in the awards she has received, forums where she has presented, along with the activities in which she participates.

Marissa is a twelve year old General class license-holder who lives in Montgomery, AL and is devoted to constantly learning and growing in the great hobby of Amateur Radio. She exhibits enthusiasm, knowledge, and rapid growth in many areas of Amateur Radio.

The formal presentation of this award will take place at the 2019 Huntsville Hamfest on 17th August 2019 at 12:30 p.m.