UK National Radio Centre Aerial Improvements

The RSGB National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park has successfully completed the realignment of the SteppIR beam this week.

The Yaesu rotator is now back in action and the SteppIR beam can be rotated.

The D-Star repeater GB7BP is also now back online and operational.

VDSL - PTA Imposes Restrictions on Radio Amateur

VDSL - PTA Imposes Restrictions on Radio Amateur

Iceland's national society, the IRA, reports on a case of a VDSL system allegedly failing in the presence of an amateur radio signal

The attention of the Board of Directors of the IRA has been drawn to the decision of the Post and Telecom Administration no. 17/2019 regarding radio interference caused by radio use, dated 16 July 2019, which has now been published on the Agency's website.

The presentation of the PTA Decision is as follows:

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Radio Hams Track Interfering Signals

Volunteers from the Skagit Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Club (SARECC) in Anacortes, Washington, recently assisted the US Coast Guard in tracking the source of interference on VHF Marine Channel 5A (156.250 MHz)

This channel serves the commercial Vessel Traffic Service north of Bush Point on Whidbey Island, as well as in some Canadian waters in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The service offers monitoring and navigational assistance for ships in the region.

The club reports that the channel was unusable for 30 hours, forcing all traffic to other channels. SARECC volunteers promptly tracked down the source of the offending signal — a fishing vessel at the Squalicum Harbor fuel dock — and traffic on channel 5A was able to resume. Last fall, club volunteers were also able to pin down an interference problem for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

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