RSGB Considering Single Full Amateur Radio Exam

RSGB volunteers have developed a syllabus for a new amateur radio exam that will provide a direct route to the Full licence just like the original City and Guilds RAE

The new syllabus, currently in draft form, is set to lead to a new exam that is designed to appeal to those who wish to fast-track straight in at “Full” (Advanced), without the need to go through Foundation and Intermediate first.

RSGB Considering Single Full Amateur Radio Exam

RSGB Considering Single Full Amateur Radio Exam

The announcement can be found in the recently-released Exam Standards Committee 2019 report -

The City and Guilds exam was last held in December 2003. It comprised a single 80 question multiple choice paper that had in be completed in 2 hours 15 minutes. Copies of the exam papers from 2002/3 can be found at

RTÉ Longwave service 'temporarily suspended'

RTÉ on 252 Khz is now off air for a possible 10 weeks or so meaning in the UK, Algeria Chaine 3 can be heard in the middle of the day.

Earlier this year the chair of Ireland’s Oireachtas Communications Hildegarde Naughton TD (Galway West and South Mayo) announced that a major antenna upgrade will ensure the transmission of RTÉ on long-wave will continue for at least the next two years. “The maintenance of long-wave radio for the Irish diaspora is a significant concern to the Committee.”

She announced that service will have to be “temporarily suspended” for approximately ten weeks, but RTÉ has said it will endeavour to complete the works as quickly as possible.

“I welcome the efforts being made to continue this service, which serves as an invaluable link between the diaspora and home,” she added.

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HAManitarian Program announced

GECO (Grassroots Emergency Communications Operations) created its HAManitarian Program integrating HAM radio, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Communications using its brand of Community-based Education to develop and promote community resilience to disasters while improving the quality of primary to post-secondary education.

This is a holistic program based on collaborations of government (national to local levels), with students, teachers, civic organizations (local to international), businesses and community volunteers.

The group are seeking volunteers to translate paper from English to other languages. For Amateur radio clubs seeking ways to develop the next generation of EmComm operators should consider this approach. GECO volunteers are ready to collaborate with interested groups to tailor the program to their needs.

ECO is an informal community-based education group of volunteers. We are not a formal non-profit, but operate like a non-profit. We work on a people-to-people basis. We do not solicit outside funding. In the spirit of HAM radio, we freely share our ideas with others based on mutual respect, mutual benefit. We strive to make the world a better place through friendship and understanding.

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