ILLW draws attention to lighthouses

About 80 qualified marine structures from 18 countries have so far registered for the next International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.

The annual 48 hour fun event held on the third full weekend in August is how amateur radio activity increases public awareness of the need to preserve the historic navigation devices.

In some places the old local lighthouse needs repair and conservation.

In a few places the land and structure is for sale, including the Turnberry Lighthouse which is a Scottish icon.

Its 130 year life kicked off of the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend with The Ayr Amateur Radio Group GM0AYR, but will be sold and is likely to be extinguished. Similar lighthouses have been turned into luxury hotels.

In most places lighthouses are well restored. In Australia the work of Ian Newton VK2IAN in drawing attention to the Crookhaven Heads lighthouse is starting to pay off.

The lighthouse on the south coast of New South Wales has been activated creating interest by various government bodies including the Shoalhaven City Council.

Similar efforts are being made in various countries as the historical value of the important role played by the old structures is better known and appreciated.

If you would like to learn more or register online for the event on 17-18 August 2013, visit the website