New Chinese Data Mode CP-16

Existing amateur radio data modes have been based around the English alphabet - now a new mode has been developed to handle Chinese characters.

Since 2011 the Chinese Radio Amateurs Club (CRAC) have been working on a project to develop a new mode CP-16, which stands for Chinese character Pattern of 16x16 dot-matrixes.

To achieve the goal of allow easy communication at very low S/N ratio, CP-16 is designed to directly transmit the graphic image of Chinese character as a 16 by 16 dot-matrix, one line at a time and about 10 ms per line adjustable according to the conditions. This makes the total transmission speed of 2 to 5 characters per second, which is suitable for real-time reading.

It uses 16 on-off –keyed audio carriers spaced at 17 Hz intervals, the total bandwidth is under 400 Hz.

The CP-16 message can be received by any SDR receiver or the combination of an ordinary SSB receiver and a PC computer, plus any SDR/audio analysing software with waterfall display. The text will be directly shown on the waterfall graph. The human brain will easily filter out all sorts of noise and correctly pick up the character.

Paper on the work was presented by CRAC to the IARU Region 3 conference in Vietnam -