GB2012MV - Manchester Venue

Warrington Amateur Radio Club in partnership with West Manchester Radio Club and South Manchester Radio and Computing Club are pleased to announce the granting of a license for both the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic games by OFCOM.

The callsign is GB2012MV (Manchester Venue).

The Old Trafford Stadium is one of the venues for the Olympic Football tournament.

We are very proud to be representing the North West region, GB2012MV being one of only four commemorative callsigns allocated by OFCOM for this historic event.

WARC is being joined in this project by members of both the above clubs. We are indebted to both clubs and our sponsors for their support. We will start transmissions on 25th July 2012, the start of the football tournament and end transmissions on 9th September  2012 the closing ceremony of the Paralympics.

This is going to be a massive effort by a dedicated group of North West amateur radio enthusiasts, operating from three venues across the region, Warrington and two in Manchester.

We believe this is going to be a fantastic event and look forward to adding many thousands of contacts in the UK and around the world to the station log.