ZL9HR DXpedition to Campbell Island

Things are moving quickly on preparations for the Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia's ZL9HR DXpedition to Campbell Island (650 km or 400 miles south of New Zealand in the Southern Ocean).

For those who hate all the hype of the Olympics, Campbell Island is the furthest point on earth that you can stand on away from London, England!

The complete crew of 10 operators is now set (with some reserves in the waiting list should a member have to cancel).

The operators are:

  • Tommy VK2IR
  • John VK3YP
  • Les W2LK
  • Gene K5GS
  • Don VE7DS
  • Istvan HA5AO
  • John 9M6XRO
  • David K3EL
  • Jacky ZL3CW
  • Tom KE4KY

A list of equipment that will be taken is already on the web site and the first of the Yamaha generators is due to arrive in Sydney in the next few days. This along with some of the other equipment will be put to the test in the upcoming “Trans-Tasman” 160m SSB contest that the HARAOA won last year and are eager to win again. Heavy workloads on the equipment will also occur in the 80m RTTY section of the same contest.

Keen DX-ers who may be looking to get ZL9 on a particular band and mode to move towards a DXCC or other award, should go to the survey on the website at ZL9HR.com and vote for which bands and modes they would like to hear ZL9HR operating on!

Visit - http://www.ZL9HR.com for all updates