Lasting Moments of First Excitement

The West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group are excited to announce that they have started on an ambitious project to expand the WS4FSM exhibit at the South Florida Science Museum that we are calling "Lasting Moments of First Excitement".

To help raise the necessary funding we have launched a project on KickStarter to take the story to the world. The group know Amateur Radio has had a significant impact on the technological developments of the 20th century. They want to excite and inspire young minds with Amateur Radio to continue that tradition in the 21st century. The youth of today are not just the future of Amateur Radio but the future of scientific discovery.

Combining the technology available with computers and the information available via the Internet with the world wide wireless communications offered by Amateur Radio will lead to a new generation of creativity and scientific advancement. And with Amateur Radio as a motivator it will be a fun experience for those making the journey.

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