Radio Exam Question Updates

The Radio Amateurs of Canada along with Industry Canada are undertaking a review of exam questions in the Basic and Advanced qualifications.

The review will see questions that are not technically correct updated, older questions that aren't as useful removed and new questions to better test knowledge of our hobby added.

Suggestions and comments are welcome from Amateur Radio Operators during the review proceeds. Please provide your input on the following items:

  • What questions are not technically correct in the current exams?
  • Which questions are no longer relevant to the Amateur Radio Service and should be removed?
  • Which topics should be added to the exams to replace older questions?

If you have sample questions you would like included, feel free to send them. Or, simply provide comments on the areas you feel questions should be added.

Submissions should be received by the Radio Amateurs of Canada by 31st August 31st, 2012. Following a review of the submissions, a report will be submitted to Industry Canada in late September for implementation. The new question bank will see its first use when Industry Canada releases new exam generator software in the coming months.

To submit your comments or questions, please email