GB7MM moves to new site

The GB7MM group are happy to announce that the Dorset D-Star 2m repeater has now been installed at it's new site in IO90AR, Westborne, near Bournemouth in Dorset.

Coverage will be roughly similar to the previous site. But with the better elevation, we hope that some of the local coverage holes will now be ‘filled’,
— commented Jules G0NZO

“We are also commissioning a DV-RPTR hardware modem board, replacing the PC soundcard solution. So we expect more reliable decodes. So far this is looking very encouraging.”

The new software supports X-gateway, ircDDB and D+. And the new site has excellent internet provision. But please accept that gateway availability may be variable during the commissioning period.

There is also a Yahoo users group, where discussion can take place.

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