Coastal station VIP marks its 100 years

The Centenary of Australia's coast radio network is to focus on the recently refurbished Telecommunications Museum at Wireless Hill, Ardross, Western Australia.

The Wireless Station at the site was built in 1912 by the German Company, Telefunken and Company. After a very good service, the station with the callsign VIP was vested in the City of Melville.

During the refurbishment extensive consultation occurred including those with interests in Aboriginal heritage, local community, environmental and interest groups.

Among them were several with an interest in preserving the wireless  spects of the museum.

They included the Morse Codians, VHF Group of Western Australia, Repeater Group, VHF Group of Western Australia, Vintage Wireless Club and the Wireless Institute of Australia.

The VHF Group has applied for the special event callsign VI6VIP for use from September 29 until 13 October, as it celebrates the century from a radio shack within the museum.

The coast radio station VIH Hobart was also built in 1912, as were a chain of coastal wireless stations around the nation to communicate with shipping.

The Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania REAST occupies the former Overseas Telecommunications Commission building with its club callsign VK7OTC.