GB3JB - Off-The-Air

Following storm damage the South Wiltshire repeater GB3JB (145.7875 MHz) is off-the-air.

Dave G3ZXX reports, “It seems like the end of December / beginning of January, each year brings us bad luck. Two years ago, it was the theft of the solar panel. Last year, it was the damage to the mast and antenna, in the early January gales.”

“This year, it's a repeat of last year. Although the gale came a couple of weeks earlier this year. The temporary mast, is still intact. No problems there. Unfortunately, what is left of the antenna is hanging from the top of the bottom antenna section. I recovered what was left of the top two sections, of the white fibre class shroud, from the field.”

The repeater will probably be off-air now, until such time as the tower is finally sorted.

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