Friedrichshafen Lectures on Web

The lectures given at Ham Radio 2013 in Friedrichshafen, including 100 Years of the RSGB, are now available on the web

These PowerPoint slides complete with soundtrack have been released:

  • Changing Times in DX Hunt by Martti Laine OH2BH
  • Technology Innovations
  • Helping DXers by Veijo Kontas OH6KN and Juho Juopperi OH8GLV
  • The ENIGMA and other Historic Cipher Machines. Introduction to the Enigma by Tom Perera W1TP
  • Small Cipher Machines by John Alexander G7GCT
  • Development of Broadcasting in Germany 1923-2013 by Martin Steyer DK7ZB (German language only)
  • 100 Years of the RSGB - and its International Partners by Chris Ducking G3SVL

Download lectures -

Video streamed from Friedrichshafen -