GB3EB new Eastbourne 2m VHF repeater

Following the successful application with ETCC and Ofcom, the new Eastbourne 2m Repeater GB3EB now has its NoV Licence.

Despite the unexpected but welcomed issue of the licence on 19th November 2013, behind the scenes activity has allowed the repeater to be almost complete and is expected to be on air by early December 2013.

GB3EB is in a 12.5 KHz allocation, its output frequency is 145.7875 MHz, input (-600 KHz shift) 145.1875 and CTCSS tone 88.5 Hz.

The repeater will initially be located at the Eastbourne location of MB7IEB (G8PUO QTH).

Now the NoV is in place, plans have already opened to relocate it as soon as possible within the Eastbourne area, pending rekindled discussions with suitable site(s) and field testing in order to access suitable coverage. The repeater is for the local Radio Amateur community and we welcome feedback in order to improve its availability where possible.

GB3EB will be on EchoLink, so eventually replacing MB7IEB, once GB3EB is fully tested and live. EchoLink connectivity will probably be on a timed basis and subject to local Amateur Radio user’s feedback, in order that we strike a happy balance of local RF and EchoLink connected use. This is to allow peak times and nets to operate without interruption.

A RadioReference Live Audio Web Feed is already configured and can be found on our website under GB3EB. During testing, the audio feed is currently being taken from MB7IEB but will transfer over once GB3EB goes live.

We welcome both individuals and local clubs to support your local Repeaters, Internet Link and DSTAR through membership of your localRepeater and Internet Linking Group of East Sussex (RILGES).

Please feel free to join us through our website or write to me (details on our website).

A RILGES AGM is in the planning for January or February next year (once we find a suitable venue and date), which will give the local Radio Amateur community the opportunity to embrace support and provide feedback, through membership, committee and repeater working group participation. Details will be emailed to members and posted on our website, once confirmed.

Further information can be found at RILGES Repeater Group -