OZ7IGY - 4m beacon now on Next Generation Beacons platform

On 26 January 2012, the 4m OZ7IGY beacon has been migrated to the Next Generations Beacons platform.

The beacon is now frequency and time locked to GPS.

The sequence is timed to start at 00 second sending JT65C2 followed by a short pause then CW ID sending callsign and locator, then pause and carrier until next cycle. The nominal frequency remains the same, i.e. 70,021 MHz. To decode JT65C2 tune your receiver 1270 Hz below the nominal frequency. On most radios this is a USB dial of 70,019730 MHz.

The plan is to replace all the old beacons with the new platform as time permits.

Listeners reports and feedback are highly appreciated.

OZ7IGY status page - http://www.rudius.net/oz7igy