Has 2O12L broken a world record?

The team at 2O12L, the amateur radio special event station for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, believe that they have now broken the world record for the number of contacts by a Special Event Station.

It is believed the record was made by DQ2006X during the 2006 World Cup, their total made between 13 May and 16 July 2006 was 47,790 contacts.

At 2142UTC on 21 August, 2O12L made contact number 47,791.

The team would like to thank the thousands who have joined the pile-ups to contact 2O12L and now they look forward to hitting their overall target of 60,000 QSOs. 2O12L goes QRT on 9 September after the Paralympic Games' closing ceremony so there is plenty of time to work the station or get more band-slots.

For more information, visit http://www.2o12l.com/