South Cook Islands

Norman, 5B4AIF, will be active as E51E from a villa in Tautu Village on Aitutaki Island (OC-083) between 10th December 2012 and 5th January 2013.

Activity will be holiday style using just basic antennas.

I hope to have the HF2V for 40/80m. Shipped in advance everything else will travel with us. Inverted Vā€™s will be used for other bands unless I can get something 2nd hand to leave there.
— Norman 5B4AIF

"The radio will be a IC-7000, the amp will have the full legal power of 400 watts. I would like to operate at least SSB and RTTY, I am learning CW so if I am feeling able I will do some slow morse, but if no one sends slowly I will have to try another mode."

Suggested frequencies are:-

  • CW - 1825, 3525, 7020, 10105, 14025, 18075, 21025, 24895 and 28025 kHz
  • SSB - 1840, 3793, 7185, 14215, 18160, 21295, 24950 and 28485 kHz
  • RTTY - 3630, 7035, 10145, 14090, 18105, 21090, 24925 and 28090 kHz
  • 6m - 50105/CW and 50130/SSB

QSL via EB7DX only. Norman is a ClubLog user.

Norman now has a website up and running with a "bands/modes" needs survey available -