Re-introduction of the DVRPTR_V1 Boards as a Low Cost Solution for Building Hotspots, Repeaters and Stand-alone Repeaters

Increased demand for a low-cost solution for building hotspots and repeaters,

encouraged the re-introduction of the proven DVRPTR_V1 boards as a viable alternative to the existing offering.

These robust and low-cost boards are a great incentive for many hams to start experimenting with the digital modes.

The "new" DVRPTR_V1 boards are being assembled, individually tested and shipped worldwide from Montreal, Canada.

As creator of the original DV-RPTR V1 project (name, hardware and firmware) I’m happy that this project will continue. This board is not perfect - I know, but it is a reliable, low-price solution for building hotspots, repeaters and stand-alone repeaters. I will resume my firmware development and I hope to find more dedicated specialists that can help improve the board’s open source firmware.
— Jan Alte, DO1FJN
Bruce Given, VE2GZI, hardware engineer with over 20 years of experience in (the

electronic components business from design to logistics .), will coordinate the production and logistics efforts of this project.

"My top priority is to promote this great product in the amateur community and to offer it bundled with timely delivery, excellent service and technical support" said Bruce Given, VE2GZI.

Project website -  WWW.DVRPTR.Net

Yahoo support group -