2000km DX using the Raspberry Pi

Eddie G3ZJO used the 10 mW of RF that can be generated from the Raspberry Pi computer board to get over 2000 km on the 7 MHz band.

The Raspberry Pi board can operate as a WSPR transmitter covering LF, HF and VHF up to 250 MHz.

Eddie G3ZJO connected the board's GPIO port via a low pass filter to a 40m Doublet for the 7 and 14 MHz bands or to a small Marconi inverted L just 6m up 6m out for the 472 kHz band which he estimates generates an ERP of 0.5 microwatts.

Among the stations who received his WSPR signal were:  

  • LA9JO JP99gb 2124km on 7MHz
  • LY2BOS KO24or 1736km on 14MHz
  • IK1WVQ JN44cb 1133km on 7MHz
  • G4KPX  JO02dj 80km on 472kHz
  • G3XIZ IO92ub 46km on 472kHz

The PE1NNZ code and binary to turn the Raspberry Pi into a WSPR LF/MF/HF/VHF transmitter is available at https://github.com/threeme3/WsprryPi