Cambodia and possible Myanmar op

Alex, M6CFW has recently received a license to operate as XU7WXA from Phnom Penh and will be using it when he visits the country for work.

“ I will try to be on-air as much as work permits. These trips are NOT designed to be full blown DXpeditions. Having said that if you need an XU7 for an award, then I'd be happy to arrange a sked and try to make contact” said Alex, M6CFW

“I will be using all HF bands, SSB and PSK31/63. I'm limited to 100W, but given how flat Cambodia is, I should still be able to reach pretty much anywhere. QSLs will be uploaded pretty much immediately to LoTW and eQSL.”

Alex will hopefully be operating soon from XY/XZ (Myanmar). Negotiations for licenses are well advanced.