VK hams invited to use VI 103 WIA

From 23rd May through to 27th May 2013, a special callsign, VI103WIA will be activated, to mark  the national society in Australia, AGM and Conference being held in Fremantle, Western Australia for the first time on 24-26 May 2013.

Stations throughout Australia can request to operate and be allocated operating times to use the special callsign during this time which is intended to promote Amateur Radio and the WIA.

A local club, the Peel Amateur Radio Club, will be operating portable in Fremantle on the Saturday morning and part of the afternoon and no doubt the callsign will be used in various parts of Australia during the allocated slots. I have not seen a list of who is doing what and when. A special QSL card will be available.

The Fremantle 2m repeater VK6RFM on 146.950 MHz (output) is also equipped with Echolink via VK6DN-R (node number 170709) and IRLP (node number 6200).

An explanation of the callsign, V I is the special prefix allocated by the ACMA (same as OFCOM for you or FCC for the US) for special events, 103 is how many years the WIA has been going (Apparently the oldest Amateur Radio Society in the World) and WIA for Wireless Institute of Australia.

More information -  http://conference.vk6.net/home