ZS2X VHF beacon now covering most of South Africa

The two-element Yagi of the ZS2X beacon on 50,007 MHz FSK, near Port Elizabeth, has been turned north by Tim Joubert, ZS2X, as requested to cover most of South Africa.

This 25 Watt beacon will produce very strong radio bursts on the daylight meteor shower Arietids that is currently active until 2 July 2013, which is the most intense daylight meteor shower of the year.

This VHF beacon can also indicate country-wide Tropo Ducting as well as Tropo Scatter propagation on 50 MHz in the early mornings after sunrise as well as Aircraft Scatter along the flight paths.

It will be the most effective during the summer months when it can give early warnings of the strong but unpredictable Sporadic-E openings that could occur during the mornings, afternoons and/or evenings.

Reception reports of the ZS2X beacon would be appreciated