Australian SKI DXepedition

Each August, a team of amateurs and close family and friends head up to the Alpine High Plains for some backcountry XC skiing and exploration of the alpine environment. We tend to ski around during each day and settle into a hut each night. On radio, we work 40m (around 7.100 MHz) each afternoon and 80m (close to 3.600 MHz) each evening. Other HF bands are sometimes activated depending on activity and conditions. Various 2m and 70cm FM repeaters are also worked while we ski around and 146.525 MHz simplex is used as a liaison channel. APRS is also utilised.

All gear must be carried in and each team member has to be reasonably self-sufficient with food, shelter, survival gear etc. Weight needs to be kept to a minimum in order to make packs manageable while on skis. With careful planning, it is possible to carry as little as 10-16 kg for a four day trip.