70-year-old Radio Ham's epic voyage

70-year-old radio amateur, Jeanne Socrates KC2IOV, from Ealing, West London has succeeded in sailing single-handed around the world.

Jeanne KC2IOV, sold her house to fund the challenge setting off from Victoria, Canada on 22 October 2012 in her third attempt to circumnavigate the globe. When she docked on Monday 8 July 2013, becoming the oldest person to complete the solo voyage.

I am the oldest by a long shot. Who else would be crazy enough to do it? As soon as you mention your age and number to other people, they get very ageist. They classify you and put you in a pocket as being old and no good. But we shouldn’t be - we are no different as people.
— Jeanne Socrates KC2IOV

Jeanne Socrates KC2IOV journey - http://www.svnereida.com/