Amsterdam Island DXpedition

A Dxpedition to Amsterdam Island is on its way

The Braveheart is making its way across the Great Australian Bight and the North Corridor Radio Group of Western Australia has a stockpile of supplies queued up and waiting for us. Momentum has taken over now and there is no turning back.

Upon arrival in Fremantle, the Braveheart will re-provision and refuel to 90,000 to 100,000 liters of fuel. We will load the materials we've obtained from the NCRG, do a little shopping for personal supplies, set up our maritime mobile station, take our sea sickness pills and patches, and be prepared to sail on 15th January 2014.

The team will be passing through some rare grids on the way to Amsterdam Island and we are anxious to hand out QSO's from them. Be sure to look for us on the bands and track us on our website in near real time. Landing on Amsterdam can be "exciting."

The team will  have some heavy work to do upon landing and expect the set up time to take at least a full day.

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