SARL change beacon frequency

The South African Radio League (SARL) has requested ICASA to change the beacon frequency of 5250 to 5290 kHz to line up with the same allocation in Europe and other countries. This will greatly enhance the coverage of beacons.

ICASA has agreed and this week we will change the 5250 kHz frequency for 5290 kHz.

To receive WSPR beacons set your radio to SSB and tune 1, 5 kHz lower to 5288,5 kHz.

To learn more about the WSPR software, download a tutorial by Stewart Moss, ZS6SGM from the SARL web. Click on Propagation Research on the left hand side of the home page and follow the link.

WSPR stations operating on 5250 kHz are requested to move frequency on 4 October to 5290 kHz