Small Scale DAB Trial Consultation

Ofcom has today published a public consultation seeking views on the approach to issuing new short-term licences to support small-scale digital radio trials being run by Ofcom next year


This consultation focuses on the conditions and award processes for trial Wireless Telegraphy Act licences needed to test small-scale DAB multiplexes in three locations. If successful, this new technology could allow smaller radio stations to go digital at a lower cost.

This technology was first trialled in the UK by an Ofcom engineer in Brighton between September 2012 and January 2013. This experimental DAB multiplex showed it could be feasible to deliver infrastructure capable of supporting digital radio transmission at a lower cost than the current systems used.

These trials will help inform a wider program of work Ofcom is undertaking on the possibilities for enabling smaller radio services to broadcast on digital radio.

During the consultation period, Ofcom will be holding a small number of events based around their consultation proposals. The first of these will be a technical demonstration event held at our facility at Baldock, Hertfordshire, on November 13. 2014. For more information, or to register interest in attending, please email by Wednesday, November 5.

We intend to hold another event during the consultation period at our London office, which will address our work on small scale DAB more widely. Details will be announced soon.

The consultation -