UK radio hams start 146 MHz development

Radio amateurs in the UK have already started testing equipment for use on the new 146 MHz allocation expected to be available from the end of October 2014

The RSGB VHF Manager has expressed the hope that the allocation will be used imaginatively for such things as Digital ATV, Digital Voice, Spread Spectrum and new innovative modes.

UK Radio Amateur Charles Brain @G4GUO is now developing Digital TV (DATV) for use on 146. 

New UK Amateur Radio 146 MHz Allocation -

146 MHz NoV's now available - UK Full licence holders can now apply for their NoV to use 146 MHz

You just need to fill in your details on the RSGB NoV page and you will be instantly emailed a link to the PDF of your NoV certificate. The NoV's currently being issued have an expiry date of October 31, 2015 -