New Worcester UHF repeater goes on-air

The Worcester UHF (70cms) repeater, GB3WU, has received its NoV for operation from the Worcester Radio Amateur's Association (WRAA) club shack in Worcester.

GB3WU was installed by Mike G8TIC and Peter G0WXJ at midday on Sunday, 9th February and test transmissions were made between 12.06 and 12.20 UTC. The repeater became operational at 12.25 after installation was completed.

GB3WU is a "wide split" (7.6MHz) repeater that operates on channel RU66

(430.8250MHz output; 438.4250MHz input) and is accessed by CTCSS sub-tone freuqency 118.8Hz (tone code "J").

The repeater comprises a Tait TB7100 base-station with an NHRC-4 controller at this time. The controller may be upgraded at a later date to link it to the Allstar network in the Midlands and South West...

In order to access the repeater you must radiate the 118.8Hz subtone on your transmission on the input frequency. The repeater will return its callsign in Morse code on first access after being idle for an extended period and will return a 3-tone rising beep as the courtesy tone and drop carrier after approx 2 seconds.

The repeater runs approx 15W RF in to the combiner, splitter and coax to achieve 10W at the antenna which is a 4dBd gain WX1 VHF/UHF colinear and achieves the 25W ERP (14dBW) licensed power. The antenna is at approximately 8m AGL and the site is approximately 80m AGL.


  • Callsign: GB3WU
  • Location: 1Km NE Worcester City Centre, IO82VE
  • Channel: RU66
  • Output frequency: 430.8250MHz
  • Input frequency: 438.4250MHz
  • CTCSS tone: 118.8Hz
  • Toneburst access: No