First details of Icom’s New Touch screen ID-5100 Dual Band D-STAR Mobile Radio

Icom are pleased to announce details of the new ID-5100 dual band D-STAR mobile. As with Icom’s latest range of products, this new model has a new generation design and range of features including large, responsive touch screen LCD, Bluetooth connectivity and second station control through an Android device*.

* Optional Bluetooth unit UT-133 is required. Android software is available free.

Planned Features

  • Large, responsive touch screen LCD
  • Optional UT-133 Bluetooth unit enables audio accessory connection and Android terminal connection (CI-V via Bluetooth SPP profile).
  • Optional VS-3 Bluetooth pendant earpiece microphone has volume adjust buttons, PTT and three programmable buttons. Third party Bluetooth audio accessories may also be compatible (not guaranteed).
  • RS-MS1A Android application will be a free to use download. It controls the radio for DR mode operation, exchanging text messages/pictures and showing GPS location over Google Maps.
  • Independent VHF and UHF band units (VV/UU capable) for 50W output
  • Enhanced DR mode (also include analogue repeaters)
  • Added “Nearby Repeater Scan” in DR scan function
  • D-Plus reflector usability (can select “reflector” in TO field)
  • DV Dual Watch for simultaneously waiting in two DV voice streams (decodes one only)
  • Home button (same as ID-51 feature)
  • D-PRS enhancements (details to be announced)
  • 1,000 memory channels
  • Built-in GPS engine (inside the controller, no EXT antenna possible)
  • ESN (Electronic Serial Number) / SD Card slot (in the black box main unit).
  • New HM-207 control microphone is supplied as standard.

Other Features

  • Wideband receiving (receives 118-137MHz(AM), 137-174/375-550MHz only)
  • Antenna RX diversity (second antenna connector)
  • TNC/9600bps modem connectivity
  • DTMF decode (and mini-repeater control)

These are still preliminary details of the new radio series and specifications may change. Please stay tuned to our website for further details, pricing and availability.

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