SB6 Ultra Portable 6m Beam

Sotabeams new SB6 is a lightweight portable beam antenna for the six metre band that has been produced in response to customer demand.


50MHz is a great band for portable operating; it supports so many different modes of propagation that results are often surprising, with some amazing DX being possible.

The SB6 has been designed to be very quick to set up and use, with assembly taking less than 90 seconds. As it has been designed for portable use, the packed-length and weight are low at 55 cm (22 inches) and 700g (1.54lb). The SB6 has a calculated gain of 11dBi and front to back ratio of 24dB when mounted at its design height of 4 metres above ground level. The SB6 has been tested in contests and is a proven performer.

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