The Ham Radio Un-Club

Sometimes the best way to re-energize a club is to deformalize it 

David Gauger W9CJS describes his Un-Club - a club-like group who have widely divergent activities and interests but who are drawn together each week by their love for amateur radio.

What is it that keeps the group going? It is probably the lack of formal organizational structure as much as anything. In an Un-Club members have the freedom to participate or not, in any or all activities. They don’t concern themselves with dues or minutes, but only with the camaraderie - just plain fun.

He suggests you think about these:

  • If your club is atrophying; if it is staid and lacks interest, perhaps it needs less structure.
  • If the officers sit at the front table and the members are an audience, then something’s wrong.
  • If the treasurer takes 10 minutes to detail where every penny went, then something’s wrong.
  • If the same people are in leadership roles time and again, then something’s wrong.
  • If your club is so focused on winning Field Day as to exclude newer members from operating various modes because of established teams, then something’s wrong.

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