Antarctic Activity Week

12th Antarctic Activity Week (AAW) to take place between 16 - 22th February 2015.

This event is promoted by Worldwide Antarctic Program (WAP) each year to improve the world-wide attention about the Antarctic Continent and its related matters, with the aim of staying close to the researchers and personnel who are spending their time away from home and families studying the Antarctic life and its secrets in the so many remote scientific stations in this icy continent.


The WAP is also thankful for what the Nations and Research Foundations are doing to protect this still uncontaminated corner of the planet and to share a message of peace among the world. The AAW is a unique event world-wide where Hams (in any corner of the world) sign up and help promote the special attention given to the Antarctica.

This worldwide event is open to all radio amateurs wishing to join them using a special callsign which help promote the Antarctica.

All SES with a WAP reference number will qualify for WAP ASEA (Antarctic Special events Award). The WAP Ref. number for any special callsign requested/issued for this occurrence can be provided upon request by sending an E-mail to I1HYW (

The list of participants is still open and is available -