Amateur / Ham Radio License in a Day

The Holland Amateur Radio Club in Michigan USA is offering a 'Ham License in a Day' class on 12 December 2015 for anyone wishing to earn their ham radio license 

The group are promoting to the general public an alternative means of communication because of the assumption that in time of emergencies and natural disasters, cell phones will be the way people will communicate, but when the power goes out, most cell phone towers also lose power. 

Ham radio clubs across the world have been the chosen form of communication for disasters across the world for years and are just as important now as ever, said officials with the local club.  

Those interested in earning their ham radio license need not have any previous technical or radio experience to sign up for the class. 

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The US Technician licence is the entry level licence in the US in Australia and the UK the entry licence is the Foundation licence, however the US Technician's licence allows holders to build their own transmitters, operate Maritime Mobile and have their own repeaters. They can run 200 watts output in four HF bands and 1,500 watts output and all amateur VHF, UHF and Microwave bands.