Cansat - Rocket Launched Instruments in a 330ml Can

A CanSat is a "satellite" of the size of a soft drink can. This mini-satellite is designed, constructed and programmed by high school students. The CanSat is then launched to an altitude of a few hundred meters by a rocket. While descending back to earth with a parachute, the satellite carries out measurements and scientific experiments.

The CanSat competition is a simulation of a real space mission, including all relevant phases like selecting and planning the mission, fundraising to financially support the mission, designing and constructing the satellite, testing the components, preparing for launch, analyzing the data and communicating the results to the public. The CanSat competition offers motivated and talented students a unique opportunity to gain first practical experiences with a real space project.

The German CanSat competition cooperates with the international CanSat competition organized by the European Space Agency (ESA). Each winning team of the German CanSat competition will go on to participate in the European competition.

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