WG2XPN 70 MHz Beacon update

Brian WA1ZMS, licensee of the 3 kW ERP 70.005 MHz WG2XPN beacon located in Virginia USA, reports the license has been renewed until 1st May 2017

The Experimental License for WG2XPN with one-way only beacon operations on 70.005 MHz with 3 kW ERPd from here in the US (QTH: FM07fm) has been renewed until May 1, 2017.
— Brian WA1ZMS

As such, it gives the only 4m North American beacon a chance to be heard via TA to Europe for another 2 years.

Support for Beacon WA1ZMS continues to be provided by the FCC & the Society of Broadcast Engineers. The beacon uses a portion of spectrum is still reserved for TV service only and no US 4m ham band appears possible in the future.  

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